Ўзбекистон Совет Социалистик Республикаси
Узбекская Советская Социалистическая Республика

Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic

Republic of the ‌Soviet Union
Flag of Bukharan SR
Flag of Khorezm
Flag of Turkestan ASSR
Flag of None
1924–1991 Flag of Uzbekistan
Flag of the Uzbek SSR Coat of Arms of the Uzbek SSR
Anthem of Uzbek SSR
Map of the Uzbek SSR
Separated from the Uzbek SSR:
Tajik ASSR (1925-29)
Flag of the Tajik SSR
Government Socialist republic
Legislature Supreme Soviet
October 27, 1924Established
May 13, 1925Accession to the Soviet Union
December 5, 1936Kara-Kalpak ASSR joined to Uzbek SSR
June 20, 1990Uzbek declaration of state sovereignty
August 31, 1991Republic of Uzbekistan
December 25, 1991Dissolution of the Soviet Union
Area447,400 km²
- 198919,906,000
Flag of Bukharan SR Bukhara
Flag of Khorezm Khorezm
Flag of Turkestan ASSR Turkestan ASSR
Flag of None Kara-Kalpak Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic
Uzbekistan Flag of Uzbekistan

The Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic (1924-1991) was a republic of the Soviet Union in Asia.


Uzbek Polities

Neighbouring Nations


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