United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo

Special territory of ‌Serbia
Flag of the United Nations Emblem of the United Nations
Location UNMIK
Flag of Albania Self-government::
PISG (2001-2008)
Flag of the Republic of Kosovo
Status Special territory
United Nations Special Representative
- From 2008Lamberto Zannier
European Union Special Envoy
- From 2008Pieter C. Feith
June 10, 1999UNSCR 1244
May 1, 2001PISG framework
February 16, 2008EULEX
Flag of Federal Serbia Kosovo and Metohija

The United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo is a United Nations mission created in 1999 to assume responsibility for the administration of Kosovo from the Republic of Serbia.

United Nations Special Representative

  • Lamberto Zannier () (June 20, 2008 - )

European Union Special Envoy

  • Pieter C. Feith () (February 20, 2008 - )


Kosovar Polities

Neighbouring Nations


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