Українська Радянська Соціалістична Республіка
Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic

Republic of the ‌Soviet Union
Flag of the Ukrainian SSR (1937-49)
Flag of Poland
Flag of the Czech Republic
1939–1991 Flag of Ukraine
Flag of the Ukrainian SSR Coat of Arms of the Ukrainian SSR
Anthem of the Ukrainian SSR
Map of the Ukrainian SSR
Government Socialist republic
Legislature Ukrainian Supreme Soviet
October 28, 1939Polish territories annexed
June 22, 1941German invasion
January 22, 1946Czechoslovak territories annexed
December 25, 1991Dissolution of the Soviet Union
Area603,700 km²
- 198951,706,746
Flag of the Ukrainian SSR (1937-49) Ukrainian SSR
Flag of Poland Poland
Flag of the Czech Republic Czechoslovakia
Ukraine Flag of Ukraine

The Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (1940-1991) was a republic of the Soviet Union in Eastern Europe.


Ukrainian Polities

Neighbouring Nations


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