Stati della Chiesa
States of the Church

States of the ‌Holy See
Flag of France
Coat of Arms of the Vatican City
1814–1870 Flag of the Kingdom of Italy
Coat of Arms of the Vatican City
Flag of the States of the Church Emblem of the Holy See
Marcia trionfale
Map of the Papal States
Roman Republic (1849)
Government Monarchy
- 1814-1823Pius VII
- 1823-1829Leo XII
- 1829-1830Pius VIII
- 1830-1846Gregorius XVI
- 1846-1870Pius IX
Secretary of State
- 1848-1870Cardinal Antonelli
May 17, 1809 Annexed by France
May 30, 1814Reestablished
March 17, 1861Partially annexed by Italy
September 20, 1870Annexed by Italy
February 11, 1929Vatican City
CurrencyPapal States scudo
Papal States lira
Flag of France First Empire
Coat of Arms of the Vatican City Holy See
Kingdom of Italy Flag of the Kingdom of Italy
Holy See Coat of Arms of the Vatican City

The States of the Church (1814-1870) was a set of historical states in Italy that were governed with the head of the Roman Catholic Church as sovereign.


  • Pius VII () (May 30, 1814 - August 20, 1823)
  • Leo XII () (August 20, 1823 - February 10, 1829)
  • Pius VIII () (February 10, 1829 - November 30, 1830)
  • Gregorius XVI () (November 30, 1830 - June 16, 1846)
  • Pius IX () (June 16, 1846 - September 20, 1870)

Secretary of State

  • Cardinal Antonelli () (November 29, 1848 - September 20, 1870)


Vatican Polities

Neighbouring Nations


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