Protectorate of ‌France
C-Pennant 1947–1957 Flag of Germany
Flag of the Saar Protectorate Coat of Arms of the Saar Protectorate
Location of the Saar Protectorate
West Germany Flag of Saarland
Status Protectorate
High Comissioner
- 1948-1952Gilbert Yves Édmond Grandval
- 1947-1955Johannes Hoffmann
- 1955-1956Heinrich Welsch
- 1956-1957Hubert Ney
Legislature Landtag
December 15, 1947Established
October 23, 1955WEU referendum
October 27, 1956Saar Treaty
January 1, 1957Joins West Germany
July 7, 1959D-Mark introduced
Area2,568.65 km²
CurrencySaar franc
C-Pennant Occupied Germany West Germany Flag of Germany

Saarland (1947-1956) was a protectorate of France. According to one of the Paris Pacts () of 1954, Saarland was to become a European territory under the authority of the WEU. When the future of the Saar region was put to a referendum in 1955 the population rejected the idea of a European status for the territory, and following the Saar Treaty (|) it was reintegrated into the Federal Republic of Germany, as the state of Saarland in 1957. The Saar Franc () wasn't abolished until 1959 when the D-Mark () was introduced.

High Comissioner

  • Gilbert Yves Édmond Grandval () (January 10, 1948 - March 5, 1952)


  • Johannes Hoffmann () (December 15, 1947 - October 29, 1955)
  • Heinrich Welsch () (October 29, 1955 - January 10, 1956)
  • Hubert Ney () (January 10, 1956 - June 4, 1957)


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