Unrecognised state
Flag of Southern Rhodesia 1965–1970 Flag of Rhodesia
Flag of Rhodesia Coat of Arms of Rhodesia
Sit Nomine Digna
May she be worthy of the name
Map of Zimbabwe
Government Constitutional monarchy and parliamentary government
- 1965-1970Elizabeth II (non-consenting)
Officer Administering the Government
- 1965-1970Clifford Dupont
Prime minister
- 1965-1970Ian Smith
Legislature Parliament
November 11, 1965Unilateral Declaration of Independence
March 2, 1970Republic established
Area390,580 km²
- 19786,930,000
Flag of Southern Rhodesia Southern Rhodesia Rhodesia Flag of Rhodesia

Rhodesia (1965-1970) was an unrecognized state in Southern Africa. Following the Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI), the former British colony of Colony of Southern Rhodesia continued to carry on government in the name of Queen Elizabeth II, but with out having the consent to do so.

The form of government was changed into a republic in 1970, but it still failed receive international recognition. The government on Rhodesia was supported by a majority of the its white dominated electorate, and the move to independence was a way to avoid expanding the political franchise and introduction of democracy to the population of the country.


  • Elizabeth II (non-consenting) () (November 11, 1965 - March 2, 1970)

Officer Administering the Government

  • Clifford Dupont () (November 11, 1965 - March 2, 1970)

Prime minister

  • Ian Smith () (November 11, 1965 - March 2, 1970)


Zimbabwean Polities

Neighbouring Nations


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