الجمهورية اليمنية
Republic of Yemen

Flag of Yemen Coat of Arms of Yemen
الله، الوطن، الثورة، الوحدة
God, Country, Revolution, Unity
United Republic
Map of Yemen
Breakaway state:
South Yemen (1994)
Government Presidential republic
- From 2011Ali Abdullah Saleh
Legislature Majlis
- Upper houseConsultative Council
- Lower houseHouse of Representatives
May 22, 1990Unification
Area555,000 km²
- 200923,580,000
GDP2009 (PPP)
- TotalUS$ 57.9 billion
- Per capitaUS$ 2,457
CurrencyYemeni rial
Flag of the Yemen Arab Republic North Yemen
Flag of South Yemen South Yemen

The Republic of Yemen is a presidential republic in Southwest Asia.


North Yemen became independent of the Ottoman Empire in 1918. The British, who had set up a protectorate area around the southern port of Aden in the 19th century, withdrew in 1967 from what became South Yemen. Three years later, the southern government adopted a Marxist orientation. The massive exodus of hundreds of thousands of Yemenis from the south to the north contributed to two decades of hostility between the states. The two countries were formally unified as the Republic of Yemen in 1990. A southern secessionist movement in 1994 was quickly subdued. In 2000, Saudi Arabia and Yemen agreed to a delimitation of their border.[1]


Yemen is a low income country that is highly dependent on declining oil resources for revenue. Petroleum accounts for roughly 25% of GDP and 70% of government revenue. Yemen has tried to counter the effects of its declining oil resources by diversifying its economy through an economic reform program initiated in 2006 that is designed to bolster non-oil sectors of the economy and foreign investment. In October 2009, Yemen exported its first liquefied natural gas as part of this diversification effort. In January 2010, the international community established the Friends of Yemen group that aims to support Yemen's efforts towards economic and political reform, and in August 2010 the IMF approved a three-year $370 million program to further this effort. Despite these ambitious endeavors, Yemen continues to face difficult long term challenges, including declining water resources and a high population growth rate.[2]


  • Ali Abdullah Saleh () (January 1, 2011 - )


Yemeni Polities

Neighbouring Nations


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