جمهورية اليَمَنْ الديمُقراطية الشَعْبِيّة
Jumhūrīyat al-Yaman ad-Dīmuqrāṭīyah ash-Sha'bīyah

People's Democratic Republic of Yemen

Flag of None
Flag of None
1967–1990 Flag of Yemen
Flag of South Yemen Coat of Arms of South Yemen
Map of South Yemen
Government Socialist republic
- 1986-1990Haidar Abu Baker Al Attas
Prime Minister
- 1986-1990Yasin Said Numan
November 30, 1967Independence as the People's Republic of South Yemen
December 14, 1967UN membership
November 30, 1967Name changed to the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen
October 31, 1978Constitution
May 22, 1990Reunification
Area332,970 km²
- 19902,585,484
CurrencySouth Yemeni dinar
Flag of None Federation of South Arabia
Flag of None Protectorate of South Arabia
Yemen Flag of Yemen

The People's Democratic Republic of Yemen (1967-1990), also called the People's Republic of South Yemen or South Arabia, was a socialist republic in Asia.


  • Haidar Abu Baker Al Attas () (January 25, 1986 - May 22, 1990)

Prime Minister

  • Yasin Said Numan () (February 8, 1986 - May 22, 1990)


Yemeni Polities

Neighbouring Nations


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