Republik Deutsch-Österreich
Republic of German Austria

Flag of Austria-Hungary
Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy
1918–1919 Flag of Austria
Flag of the Czech Republic
Flag of the Kingdom of Italy
Flag of the State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs
Flag of Austria Coat of Arms of German Austria
Map of German Austria
Government Republic
- 1919Karl Seitz
- 1918-1919Karl Renner
Legislature Reichsrat
- Upper houseHerrenhaus
- Lower houseAbgeordnetenhaus
November 11, 1918 Proclamation of Charles I
November 12, 1918Republic declared
November 22, 1918Reichsrat claims all of Cisleithania
September 10, 1919Treaty of St. Germain
October 21, 1919Ratified by Reichsrat
CurrencyAustrian Krone
Flag of Austria-Hungary Austria-Hungary
Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy Austria
Austria Flag of Austria
Czechoslovakia Flag of the Czech Republic
Kingdom of Italy Flag of the Kingdom of Italy
Yugoslavia Flag of the State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs

The Republic of German Austria (1918-1919) was a republic in Western Europe.


  • Karl Seitz () (March 5, 1919 - September 10, 1919)


  • Karl Renner () (November 12, 1918 - September 10, 1919)


Austrian Polities

Neighbouring Nations


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