Народна република България
Narodna republika Balgariya

People's Republic of Bulgaria

Satellite state of the ‌Soviet Union
Flag of Bulgaria 1946–1990 Flag of Bulgaria
Flag of the People's Republic Bulgaria Coat of Arms the People's Republic of Bulgaria
Mila Rodino
Мила Родино
Dear Motherland
Map of the People's Republic Bulgaria
Government Socialist republic
General Secretary
- 1946-1949Georgi Dimitrov
- 1949-1954Valko Chervenkov
- 1954-1989Todor Zhivkov
- 1989-1990Petar Mladenov
Chairman of the Council of Ministers
- 1990Andrey Lukanov
Legislature National Assembly
September 15, 1946Established
November 15, 1990Disestablished
Area110,994 km²
- 19467,029,349
CurrencyBulgarian lev
Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria Bulgaria Flag of Bulgaria

The People's Republic of Bulgaria (1946-1990) was a socialist republic and a satellite state of the Soviet Union in the Balkans (|).

General Secretary

  • Georgi Dimitrov () (September 15, 1946 - Jul 2, 1949)
  • Valko Chervenkov () (Jul 2, 1949 - Mar 4, 1954)
  • Todor Zhivkov () (Mar 4, 1954 - Nov 10, 1989)
  • Petar Mladenov () (Nov 10, 1989 - Feb 2, 1990)

Chairman of the Council of Ministers

  • Andrey Lukanov () (Feb 8, 1990 - November 15, 1990)


Bulgarian Polities

Neighbouring Nations


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