Gouvernement provisoire de la République française
Provisional Government of the French Republic

Provisional government
Flag of the French State
Flag of Free France
1944–1946 Flag of France
Flag of France Emblem of the Third French Republic
Map of the Third French Republic
Government Republic
- 1944-1946Charles de Gaulle
- 1946Félix Gouin
- 1946Georges Bidault
- 1946Léon Blum
Legislature National Assembly
June 3, 1944Proclaimed
October 14, 1946Fourth Republic
CurrencyFrench Franc
Flag of the French State Vichy France
Flag of Free France Free French
Fourth Republic Flag of France

The French Republic re-assumed authority over France by a provisional government that was proclaimed on June 3, 1944. The fourth French Republic was established in 1946.


  • Charles de Gaulle () (June 3, 1944 - January 26, 1946)
  • Félix Gouin () (January 26, 1946 - June 24, 1946)
  • Georges Bidault () (June 24, 1946 - December 16, 1946)
  • Léon Blum () (December 16, 1946 - October 14, 1946)


French Polities

Neighbouring Nations


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