Měngjiāng Liánhé Zìzhì Zhèngfǔ

Mengjiang United Autonomous Government

Client state of ‌Imperial Japan
Flag of the Republic of China 1936–1940 Flag of the Nanjing Nationalist Government
Flag of Mengjiang
Map of Mengjiang
Status Client state
June 28, 1936Mengjiang Joint Committee established
November 22, 1937Mongolian Federated Autonomous Government
September 1, 1939Mengjiang United Autonomous Government
March 30, 1940Wang Jingwei Government established
August 4, 1941Mongolian Autonomous Federation
Flag of the Republic of China China Wang-Jingwei Flag of the Nanjing Nationalist Government

Mengjiang (1936-1940) was a client state of Imperial Japan.


  • War flag of the Imperial Japanese Army China (Client States)

Chinese Client States


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