Königreich Preußen
Kingdom of Prussia

State of ‌Germany
1701–1918 Flag of WR Prussia
Flag of Prussia Coat of Arms of Prussia
Suum cuique
To each his own
Heil dir im Siegerkranz
Map of DR Prussia
Government Monarchy
- 1888-1918Wilhelm II
Minister President
- 1918Maximilian of Baden
Legislature Landtag
- Upper houseHerrenhaus
- Lower houseAbgeordnetenhaus
January 18, 1701Established
October 14, 1806French domination
June 9, 1815Restoration
December 5, 1848Constitutional monarchy
January 18, 1871German Empire
November 9, 1918Republic declared
Area348,779.87 km²
- 191034,472,509
CurrencyReichsthaler, Prussian thaler, Vereinsthaler, Goldmark, Papiermark
Flag of None Brandenburg-Prussia
Flag of None Royal Prussia
Flag of None Free City of Danzig (Napoleonic)
Flag of None Swedish Pomerania
Flag of None Electorate of Hesse
Flag of None Free City of Frankfurt
Flag of None Duchy of Nassau
Flag of None Kingdom of Hanover
Prussia Flag of WR Prussia

The Kingdom of Prussia (1701-1918) was a German monarchy. Until the defeat of Germany in World War I (|), it comprised almost two-thirds of the area of the German Empire. It took its name from the territory of Prussia (|), although its power base was Brandenburg.


  • Wilhelm II () (June 15, 1888 - November 9, 1918)

Minister President

  • Maximilian of Baden () (October 5, 1918 - November 9, 1918)


German Polities

Neighbouring Nations


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