Magyar Királyság
Kingdom of Hungary

Flag of the Kingdom of Hungary
Flag of the Czech Republic
Flag of Romania
Flag of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia
1938–1946 Flag of Hungary (Kossuth)
Flag of the Czech Republic
Flag of the Romanian Popular Republic 1948
Flag of Yugoslavia
Flag of the Kingdom of Hungary Coat of Arms of Hungary
Regnum Mariae Patrona Hungariae
Kingdom of Mary, the Patron of Hungary
Map of Vienna Award Hungary
German puppet state:
Hungary (1944-1945)
Government Constitutional monarchy
- 1938-1946Vacant
- 1938-1944Miklós Horthy
Prime Minister
- 1942-1944Miklós Kállay de Nagy-Kálló
Legislature Diet
- Upper houseFelsőház
- Lower houseKépviselőház
November 2, 1938First Vienna Award
August 30, 1940Second Vienna Award
October 19, 1944Beginning of Soviet Occupation
December 21, 1944Hungarian State
April 4, 1945End of German Occupation
February 1, 1946Monarchy abolished
Area172,149 km²
- 194114,669,100
CurrencyKorona, Pengő
Flag of the Kingdom of Hungary Hungary
Flag of the Czech Republic Czecho-Slovakia
Flag of Romania Romania
Flag of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia
Hungary Flag of Hungary (Kossuth)
Czechoslovakia Flag of the Czech Republic
Romania Flag of the Romanian Popular Republic 1948
Yugoslavia Flag of Yugoslavia

The Kingdom of Hungary (1938-1946) was a constitutional monarchy in Eastern Europe. It represents Hungary from the First Vienna Award in 1938, where Hungary supported by Germany and Italy annexed territory from Czechoslovakia, and further territorial expansion during World War II.


  • Vacant () (November 2, 1938 - February 1, 1946)


  • Miklós Horthy () (November 2, 1938 - November 13, 1944)

Prime Minister

  • Miklós Kállay de Nagy-Kálló () (March 9, 1942 - March 23, 1944)


Hungarian Polities

Neighbouring Nations


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