Kingdom of England

0927–1707 Flag of Great Britain
Flag of England
Flag of Wales
Flag of England Coat of Arms of England
Dieu et mon droit
Location of England
Commonwealth (1649-1660)
Government Monarchy
- 1660-1685Charles II
- 1685-1689James II
- 1689-1695Mary II
- 1695-1702William III
- 1702-1714Anne
Legislature Parliament
- Upper houseHouse of Lords
- Lower houseHouse of Commons
July 12, 927Established
October 14, 1066Norman conquest
March 17, 1649Monarchy abolished
May 29, 1660Monarchy restored
December 16, 1689Glorious Revolution
May 1, 1707Act of Union
Area151,174 km²
CurrencyPound sterling
Flag of None Kingdom of Wessex
Flag of None Kingdom of Mercia
Flag of None Kingdom of East Anglia
Flag of None Kingdom of Northumbria
Flag of None Principality of Wales
Flag of None Kingdom of Cornwall
Great Britain Flag of Great Britain
England Flag of England
Wales Flag of Wales

The Kingdom of England (1660-1707) represented a restoration of the monarchy to England following the period of the interregnum, when the country was ruled as part of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland under Oliver Cromwell. Charles II was restored as monarch in 1660 and reigned until 1685. In 1707 it was united with Scotland to form the Great Britain.

History Edit

While maintaining separate parliaments, England and Scotland were ruled under one crown beginning in 1603, when James VI of Scotland succeeded his cousin Elizabeth I as James I of England. In the ensuing 100 years, strong religious and political differences divided the kingdoms. Finally, in 1707, England and Scotland were unified as Great Britain, sharing a single Parliament at Westminster.

Ireland's invasion by the Anglo-Normans in 1170 led to centuries of strife. Successive English kings sought to conquer Ireland. In the early 17th century, large-scale settlement of the north from Scotland and England began. After its defeat, Ireland was subjected, with varying degrees of success, to control and regulation by Britain.[1]

King of England Edit

  • Charles II (May 29, 1660 - February 6, 1685)
  • James II (February 6, 1685 - February 22, 1689)
  • Mary II (February 22, 1689 - January 7, 1695)
  • William III (February 22, 1689 - March 19, 1702)
  • Anne (March 19, 1702 - May 1, 1707)

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