دولت موقت ايران
Dowlat-e Movaghat-e Irân

Interim Government of Iran

Provisional government
Flag of the Imperial State of Iran 1979 Flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Flag of Iran
Ey Iran
Map of Iran
RegionMiddle East
Status Provisional government
Prime Minister
- 1979Mehdi Bazargan
February 4, 1979Iranian Revolution
December 3, 1979Iranian hostage crisis
Flag of the Imperial State of Iran Persia Iran Flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran

The Interim Government of Iran (1979) was a transitional government between the Imperial State of Iran and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Prime Minister

  • Mehdi Bazargan () (February 4, 1979 - December 3, 1979)


Iranian Polities

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Neighbouring Nations


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