Mission interalliée de Controle des Usines et des Mines
Inter-Allied Mission of Control for Factories and Mines

Intergovernmental organization
Occupied Rhineland
Allied occupation:
Rhineland (1920-30)
Status Intergovernmental organization
- 1923-1924Paul Herman Frantzen
January 10, 1920 Treaty of Versailles
January 11, 1923Established
August 23, 1923German Ministry for the Occupied Areas established
October 21, 1923Rhineland Republic established
November 26, 1924Rhineland Republic disestablished
August 1, 1924Disestablished
June 30, 1930Occupation of the Rhineland ends

The Inter-Allied Mission of Control for Factories and Mines was an organization established to administer the Allied occupation of the Ruhr Area, by French and Belgian allied forces.

The Treaty of Versailles (|) required Germany to pay damages following World War I (|) and the Rhineland was already under Allied occupation secure that these obligations were fulfilled. When Germany failed to meet its commitments factories and mines in the industrialized Ruhr Area were seized as a means of sanction and to impress upon Germany the necessity of paying the damages.


  • Paul Herman Frantzen () (January 11, 1923 - August 1, 1924)


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