Empire français
French Empire

Flag of the Bourbon Restoration 1815 Flag of the Bourbon Restoration
Flag of France Coat of Arms of the French Empire
Map of the Bourbon Restoration
Bourbon Restoration
Government Constitutional Monarchy
- 1815Napoleon I
- 1815Napoleon II
Legislature Parliament
- Upper houseChamber of Peers
- Lower houseChamber of Representatives
March 13, 1815Napoleon restored
June 18, 1815Battle of Waterloo
July 7, 1815Paris Conquered
CurrencyFrench Franc
Flag of the Bourbon Restoration Bourbon Restoration Bourbon Restoration Flag of the Bourbon Restoration

The French Empire (1815) was re-established by Napoleon and lasted for a hundred days until it was defeated at the Battle of Waterloo (|) on June 15, 1815. After Waterloo Napoleon abdicated in favour of his son, who was emperor in name during the last days of the empire.


  • Napoleon I () (March 20, 1815 - June 22, 1815)
  • Napoleon II () (June 22, 1815 - July 7, 1815)


French Polities

Neighbouring Nations


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