Großherzogtum Luxemburg
Grand-Duché de Luxembourg

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Flag of None 1815–1839 Flag of Luxembourg
Flag of Belgian Luxembourg
Flag of the Netherlands Coat of Arms of Luxembourg
Map of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands
Government Monarchy
Grand Duke
- 1815-1839Guillaume I
June 9, 1815Treaty of Paris
October 22, 1830Occupied by Belgium
February 17, 1831Western part annexed by Belgium
April 19, 1839Treaty of London
- 1830312,000
Flag of None Forêts Luxembourg Flag of Luxembourg
Luxembourg Flag of Belgian Luxembourg

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (1815-1839) was a constitutional monarchy in personal union with the Netherlands.

Grand Duke

  • Guillaume I () (June 9, 1815 - April 19, 1839)


Luxembourgish Polities

Neighbouring Nations


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