Afrique équatoriale française
French Equatorial Africa

Dependency of ‌France
Flag of France Emblem of the French Republic
Map of French Equatorial Africa
Status Dependency
January 15, 1910Established
October 5, 1958French Community Established
August 15, 1960Disestablished
CurrencyFrench Equatorial African franc
Flag of None Oubangui-Chari
Flag of Chad Chad
Flag of Gabon Gabon
Flag of None French Congo
Flag of None French Cameroun
French Community Flag of France
Central African Republic Flag of the Central African Republic
Chad Flag of Chad
Gabon Flag of Gabon
Congo Flag of the Republic of the Congo
Republic of Cameroun Flag of None

French Equatorial Africa (1910-1960) was a federation of French dependencies in Middle Africa. When the French Union was dissolved in 1958, the individual territories became autonomous republics of the French Community, before each becoming independent states in 1960.


French Colonial Empire


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