Freistaat Sachsen
Free State of Saxony

State of ‌Germany
Flag of None 1918–1952 Flag of None
Flag of None
Flag of None
Flag of Saxony
Map of the Soviet Occupation Zone
Saxony (From 1990)
Status State
November 13, 1918Established
October 7, 1949German Democratic Republic established
July 23, 1952Dissolved
Flag of None Kingdom of Saxony District of Dresden Flag of None
District of Karl-Marx-Stadt Flag of None
District of Leipzig Flag of None

The Free State of Saxony (1918-1952) was a state of Germany. After becoming a part of the German Democratic Republic it was dissolved in 1952 and replaced it by districts. In 1990 it was re-established as a part of the Federal Republic of Germany.


Former German States

Saxon Polities


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