Regno d'Italia
Kingdom of Italy

Flag of the Kingdom of Italy
Flag of None
1922–1943 Flag of the Italian Social Republic
Flag of the Kingdom of Italy
Flag of the Kingdom of Italy Lesser Coat of Arms of Italy
Marcia Reale
Map of the Kingdom of Italy
Vatican City (1929) Flag of the Vatican City
Government Constitutional monarchy
- 1922-1943Victor Emmanuel III
Prime Minister
- 1922-1943Benito Mussolini
Legislature Grand Council of Fascism
- Upper houseSenate
- Lower houseChamber of Fasci and Corporations
October 28, 1922March on Rome
May 9, 1936Empire proclaimed
July 28, 1943Mussolini deposed
September 3, 1943Armistice with the Allies
June 2, 1946Constitutional referendum
Area310,196 km²
- 193642,994,000
CurrencyItalian lira
Flag of the Kingdom of Italy Kingdom of Italy
Flag of None Free State of Fiume
Salò Republic Flag of the Italian Social Republic
Kingdom of Italy Flag of the Kingdom of Italy

The Kingdom of Italy (1922-1943) was a period when the government of Italy developed into a fascist dictatorship under Benito Mussolini (|). Italy entered World War II (|) in 1940 as an ally of Germany, but after the Allied invasion of Sicily (|) in 1943 Mussolini was deposed. The new Italian government signed an armistice with the Allies and broke the alliance with Germany. Germany then installed Mussolini as the head of puppet state in northern Italy called the Italian Social Republic, while the government of the Kingdom of Italy was re-established in the south with the support of the Allies.

Government Edit

In 1922, Benito Mussolini came to power and, over the next few years, eliminated political parties, curtailed personal liberties, and installed a fascist dictatorship termed the Corporate State. The king, with little or no effective power, remained titular head of state.

Italy allied with Germany and declared war on the United Kingdom and Vichy France in 1940. In 1941, Italy - with the other Axis powers, Germany and Imperial Japan - declared war on the United States and the Soviet Union. Following the Allied invasion of Sicily in 1943, the King dismissed Mussolini and appointed Marshal Pietro Badoglio as Premier. The Badoglio government declared war on Germany, which quickly occupied most of the country and freed Mussolini, who led a brief-lived regime in the north.[1]

Events Edit

  • The March on Rome (October 28, 1922)
  • The Italian Empire is proclaimed (May 5, 1936)
  • Mussolini is deposed (July 28, 1943)
  • Italy signs an armistice with the Allies (September 3, 1943)
  • Constitutional referendum on the Monarchy (June 2, 1946)


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