Източна Румелия
روم الى شرقى
Ανατολική Ρωμυλία

Eastern Rumelia

Autonomous entity
Flag of None 1885–1908 Flag of Bulgaria
Flag of Eastern Rumelia
Map of the Principality of Bulgaria
- 1886-1908Ferdinand I of Bulgaria
Commissioner for South Bugaria
- 1885-1886Georgi Ivanov Stranski
September 18, 1885Annexation to Bulgaria
April 17, 1886Nominal restoration of Ottoman sovereignty
October 5, 1908Incorporated into Bulgaria
Flag of None Vilayet of Eastern Rumelia Bulgaria Flag of Bulgaria

Eastern Rumelia (1885-1908) was an autonomous entity under the control of Bulgaria. The Eastern Rumelian Vilayet (|) was a province of the Ottoman Empire when it was annexed by Bulgaria in 1885, but in the following year nominal Ottoman control restored however with the Prince of Bulgaria installed as Governor-General of the province.


  • Ferdinand I of Bulgaria () (April 17, 1886 - October 5, 1908)

Commissioner for South Bugaria

  • Georgi Ivanov Stranski () (September 9, 1885 - April 5, 1886)


Bulgarian Polities

Neighbouring Nations


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