East Pakistan

Province of ‌Pakistan
Flag of None 1956–1971 Flag of Bangladesh
Flag of Pakistan Coat of Arms of Pakistan
Map of Bangladesh
Flag of Pakistan Provisional Government (1971) Flag of Bangladesh
Status Province
- 1956-1957Mushtaq Ahmed Gurmani
Chief minister
- 1956-1957Abu Hussain Sarkar
March 23, 1956Constitution of Pakistan
March 26, 1971Declaration of Independence
December 16, 1971Secedes from Pakistan
Area144,000 km²
CurrencyPakistani rupee
Flag of None East Bengal Bangladesh Flag of Bangladesh

East Pakistan (East Bengal) was a province of the Pakistan, alongside with the province of West Pakistan. Before 1956 it had been a single province within the Pakistan under the name of East Bengal. In 1971 it declared independence and with the support of the Indian army East Pakistan seceded to form the People's Republic of Bangladesh.

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