Česká a Slovenská Federativní/Federatívna Republika
Czech and Slovak Federal Republic

Flag of the Czech Republic 1990–1992 Flag of the Czech Republic
Flag of Slovakia
Flag of the Czech Republic Coat of Arms of the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic
Pravda vítězí
Kde domov můj?
Location Czechoslovakia
Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic Flag of the Czech Republic
Flag of the Czech Republic Slovakia Flag of Slovakia
Government Republic
- 1990-1992Václav Havel
- 1992January Stráský
Prime Minister
- 1990-1992Marián Calfa
- 1992January Stráský
Legislature Federal Assembly
- Upper houseChamber of Nations
- Lower houseChamber of the People
April 23, 1990Constitutional change
December 31, 1992Disestablished
Area127,900 km²
- 199215,600,000
CurrencyCzechoslovak koruna
Flag of the Czech Republic Czechoslovakia Czech Republic Flag of the Czech Republic
Slovakia Flag of Slovakia

The Czech and Slovak Federal Republic (1990-1993) was a federal republic consisting of the Czech and Slovak constituent republics. In 1993 the Czech Republic and Slovakia became independent states and the federation was dissolved.

Politics Edit

By 1992, Slovak calls for greater autonomy effectively blocked the daily functioning of the federal government. In the election of June 1992, Klaus's Civic Democratic Party won handily in the Czech lands on a platform of economic reform. Vladimir Meciar's Movement for a Democratic Slovakia emerged as the leading party in Slovakia, basing its appeal on fairness to Slovak demands for autonomy. Federalists, like Havel, were unable to contain the trend toward the split. In July 1992, President Havel resigned. In the latter half of 1992, Klaus and Meciar hammered out an agreement that the two republics would go their separate ways by the end of the year.

Members of the federal parliament, divided along national lines, barely cooperated enough to pass the law officially separating the two nations. The law was passed on December 27, 1992. On January 1, 1993, the Czech Republic and the Republic of Slovakia were simultaneously and peacefully founded.

Relationships between the two states, despite occasional disputes about the division of federal property and governing of the border, have been peaceful. Both states attained immediate recognition from the United States and their European neighbors.[1][2]


  • Václav Havel () (April 23, 1990 - July 20, 1992)
  • January Stráský () (July 20, 1992 - December 31, 1992)

Prime Minister

  • Marián Calfa () (April 23, 1990 - July 1, 1992)
  • January Stráský () (July 1, 1992 - December 31, 1992)


Czechoslovakian Polities

Neighbouring Nations


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  2. The United States Department of State - Background Note Slovak Republic

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