Česká republika
Czech Republic

Republic of ‌Czechoslovakia
Flag of the Czech Republic 1990–1992 Flag of the Czech Republic
Flag of Bohemia Small Coat of Arms of the Czech Republic
Pravda vítězí
Location of the Czech Republic
Government Republic
Prime Minister
- 1990-1992Petr Pithart
- 1992Václav Klaus
March 29, 1990Established
December 31, 1992Partition of Czechoslovakia
January 1, 1993Independence
Area78,866 km²
Flag of the Czech Republic Czechia Czech Republic Flag of the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic (1990-1992) was a republic of the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic.

Prime Minister

  • Petr Pithart () (March 29, 1990 - July 2, 1992)
  • Václav Klaus () (July 2, 1992 - December 31, 1992)


Czech Polities

Neighbouring Nations


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