Burkina Faso

Flag of Burkina Faso Coat of Arms of Burkina Faso
Unity, Progress, Justice
Une Seule Nuit
One Single Night
Map of Burkina Faso
Government Semi-presidential republic
- From 1987Blaise Compaoré
Prime Minister
- From 2011Luc-Adolphe Tiao
Legislature National Assembly
August 5, 1960 Independence
August 4, 1984Constitution
Area274,200 km²
- 200915,746,232
GDP2009 (PPP)
- TotalUS$ 21.4 billion
- Per capitaUS$ 1,360
CurrencyWest African CFA franc
Flag of Upper Volta Upper Volta

Burkina Faso is a semi-presidential republic in Western Africa.


Burkina Faso (formerly Upper Volta) achieved independence from France in 1960. Repeated military coups during the 1970s and 1980s were followed by multiparty elections in the early 1990s. Current President Blaise COMPAORE came to power in a 1987 military coup and has won every election since then. Burkina Faso's high population density and limited natural resources result in poor economic prospects for the majority of its citizens. Recent unrest in Cote d'Ivoire and northern Ghana has hindered the ability of several hundred thousand seasonal Burkinabe farm workers to find employment in neighboring countries.[1]


Burkina Faso is a poor, landlocked country that relies heavily on cotton and gold exports for revenue. The country has few natural resources and a weak industrial base. About 90% of the population is engaged in subsistence agriculture, which is vulnerable to periodic drought. Cotton is the main cash crop. Since 1998, Burkina Faso has embarked upon a gradual privatization of state-owned enterprises and in 2004 revised its investment code to attract foreign investment. As a result of this new code and other legislation favoring the mining sector, the country has seen an upswing in gold exploration and production. By 2010, gold had become the main source of export revenue.[2]


  • Blaise Compaoré () (October 15, 1987 - )

Prime Minister

  • Luc-Adolphe Tiao () (April 18, 2011 - )


Burkinabé Polities

Neighbouring Nations


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