Bouvet Island

Dependency of ‌Norway
Flag of Norway Coat of Arms of Norway
Map of Bouvet Island
Status Dependency
Monarch of Norway
- From 1991Harald V
January 1, 1739 Discovered
December 1, 1927Claimed
January 23, 1928Annexed
February 27, 1930Dependency
December 17, 1971Nature reserve
Area49 km²

Bouvet Island is a dependency of Norway in located in the South Atlantic. Bouvet Island is administered by the Norwegian Polar Institute together with its claims in Antarctica. Queen Maud Land and Peter I Island are claimed by Norway but they are however subject to the Antarctic Treaty (|), and most countries does not recognize these claims.


This uninhabited, volcanic, Antarctic island is almost entirely covered by glaciers and is the most remote island on Earth, making it difficult to approach. It was discovered in 1739 by the French naval officer after whom the island was named. No claim was made until 1825, when the British flag was raised. In 1928, the UK waived its claim in favor of Norway, which had occupied the island the previous year. In 1971, Norway designated Bouvet Island and the adjacent territorial waters a nature reserve. Since 1977, Norway has run an automated meteorological station and studied foraging strategies and distribution of fur seals and penguins on the island.[1]

Monarch of Norway

  • Harald V () (January 17, 1991 - )


Norwegian Dependencies


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