Royaume de France
Kingdom of France

Flag of France 1814–1830 Flag of France
Flag of the Bourbon Restoration Coat of Arms of the Bourbon Restoration
Le Retour des Princes Français à Paris
Map of the Bourbon Restoration
The Hundred Days (1815)
Government Constitutional Monarchy
- 1814-1824Louis XVIII
- 1824-1830Charles X
President of the Council
- 1815Charles de Talleyrand-Périgord
Legislature Parliament
- Upper houseChamber of Peers
- Lower houseChamber of Deputies
April 6, 1814Louis XVIII restored
- 1815Hundred Days
- 1815Second Restoration
- 1823France invades Spain
- July 1830July Revolution
August 9, 1830Louis-Philippe I declared the King of the French
CurrencyFrench Franc
Flag of France First Empire France Flag of France

The Kingdom of France (1814-1830) was a constitutional monarchy in Western Europe.


  • Louis XVIII () (April 6, 1814 - September 16, 1824)
  • Charles X () (September 16, 1824 - August 9, 1830)

President of the Council

  • Charles de Talleyrand-Périgord () (July 9, 1815 - September 26, 1815)


French Polities

Neighbouring Nations


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