Bailliage de Guernesey
Bailiwick of Guernsey

British Crown Dependency
Flag of None Since 1279 Flag of Sark
Flag of Alderney
Flag of Guernsey Coat of Arms of Guernsey
God Save the Queen
Map of the Channel Islands
German Military Government of the Channel Islands (1940-45)
CapitalSaint Peter Port
Government Constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy
Duke of Normandy
- From 1952Elizabeth II
Lieutenant Governor
- From 2005Fabian Malbon
Chief Minister
- From 2008Lyndon Trott
Legislature States of Guernsey
- 1204 Separation from Normandy
- 1279Bailiwick established
June 30, 1940Occupation by Germany
May 9, 1945Liberation from Germany
August 25, 1945Civilian rule restored
Area78 km²
- 200765,573
GDP2007 (PPP)
- TotalUS$ 2.6 billion
- Per capitaUS$ 40,000
CurrencyPound sterling
Flag of None Lordship of the Isles Sark Flag of Sark
Alderney Flag of Alderney

The Bailiwick of Guernsey is a constitutional monarchy and a British crown dependency in the English Channel.


Guernsey and the other Channel Islands represent the last remnants of the medieval Dukedom of Normandy, which held sway in both France and England. The islands were the only British soil occupied by German troops in World War II. Guernsey is a British crown dependency but is not part of the UK or of the European Union. However, the UK Government is constitutionally responsible for its defense and international representation.[1]


Financial services - banking, fund management, insurance - account for about 23% of employment and about 55% of total income in this tiny, prosperous Channel Island economy. Tourism, manufacturing, and horticulture, mainly tomatoes and cut flowers, have been declining. Financial services, construction, retail, and the public sector have been growing. Light tax and death duties make Guernsey a popular tax haven. The evolving economic integration of the EU nations is changing the environment under which Guernsey operates.[2]

Duke of Normandy

  • Elizabeth II () (February 6, 1952 - )

Lieutenant Governor

  • Fabian Malbon () (October 18, 2005 - )

Chief Minister

  • Lyndon Trott () (May 1, 2008 - )


Channel Islands

Normandy Polities


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