Flag of Ireland
Naval Ensign of the United Kingdom
1937–1949 Flag of Ireland
Flag of Ireland Coat of arms of Ireland
Location Ireland 1922
Government Monarchy
King of Ireland
- 1937-1949George VI
- 1937-1938Presidential Commission
- 1938-1945Douglas Hyde
- 1945-1949Seán T. O'Kelly
- 1937-1948Éamon de Valera
- 1948-1949John A. Costello
Legislature Oireachtas
- Upper houseSeanad Éireann
- Lower houseDáil Éireann
December 6, 1922 Anglo-Irish Treaty
December 29, 1937Constitution of Ireland
July 3, 1938Spike Island Handover
September 30, 1938Berehaven Handover
October 3, 1938Lough Swilly Handover
April 18, 1949Republic of Ireland Act
Commonwealth accessionDecember 11, 1931
Area70,273 km²
- 19462,960,000
CurrencyIrish pound
Flag of Ireland Irish Free State
Naval Ensign of the United Kingdom Treaty Ports
Republic of Ireland Flag of Ireland

Ireland (Éire) was established by the Constitution of Ireland (|) on December 29, 1937. While the preceding Irish Free State had been a dominion with ties to the United Kingdom, it was now an independent state. Even if the constitution had established an Irish president, the formal head of state was still king George VI (|).

On April 18, 1949 the Republic of Ireland Act was adopted which abolished the monarchy and made Ireland a republic.

History Edit

In 1932, Eamon de Valera, the political leader of the forces initially opposed to the Anglo-Irish Treaty (|), became Prime Minister, and a new Irish constitution was enacted in 1937. The last British military bases were soon withdrawn, and the Treaty Ports were returned to Irish control. Ireland was neutral in World War II (|). The government formally declared Ireland a republic in 1948; however, it does not normally use the term "Republic of Ireland", which tacitly acknowledges the partition, but refers to the country simply as "Ireland."[1]

Events Edit

  • Anglo-Irish Treaty (December 6, 1922)
  • Constitution of Ireland (December 29, 1937)
  • Spike Island Handover (July 3, 1938)
  • Berehaven Handover (September 30, 1938)
  • Lough Swilly Handover (October 3, 1938)
  • Republic of Ireland Act (April 18, 1949)

King of Ireland

  • George VI () (December 29, 1937 - April 18, 1949)


  • Presidential Commission () (December 29, 1937 - June 25, 1938)
  • Douglas Hyde () (June 25, 1938 - June 24, 1945)
  • Seán T. O'Kelly () (June 24, 1945 - April 18, 1949)


  • Éamon de Valera () (December 29, 1937 - February 18, 1948)
  • John A. Costello () (February 18, 1948 - April 18, 1949)


Irish Polities

Neighbouring Nations


  1. The United States Department of State - Background Note: Ireland

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